Attention Drunk Drivers: Expect a Roadblock on Route 40 Tomorrow

On this website [update: since taken down] soliciting drunk drivers, a nice heads up is provided as for drunks how to avoid specific sobriety checkpoints. This is just one post but most of the blog/website seems focused on giving a heads up which checkpoints to avoid.sobriety checkpoint

I’m not sure why the police announce checkpoints. There is probably a statute or other logical reason that escapes me. But what does a website for DWI lawyers trying to accomplish in publishing this? A public service?

I am a big fan of sobriety checkpoints. I’m not a big fan of everyone chipping in to tip off the drunks. Lawyers who are paying for leads from these people really need to speak up. I will pose as a drunk driver and then lecture the lawyer who contacts me. (Actually, I’m not really going to do that.)

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