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baltimore wrongful deathIn Maryland, a wrongful death lawsuit can be brought by a family member of someone who was negligently killed.  The wrongful death lawyers at Miller & Zois, LLC have over 100 years of combined experience handling wrongful death claims in Baltimore where our law offices are based.

Our firm also covers all of Maryland and travels and tries cases in every county in our state. We have a history of success in these cases and a willingness to fight to the end to get you the compensation that you deserve for your loss.

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Maximizing the Amount of Compensation

When you lost someone you love, there is no about of money that can get you what you really want  — your loved one back.  The only thing the legal system can do is give you money to compensate you for your loss.  At Miller & Zois, our mission is to get you as much money as possible for your wrongful death case in a settlement or a verdict.  Our goal is not to get you a lot of money, not to do the best we can.  No. Our goal is to leverage the law and the facts to get you as much money as humanly possible.

Maryland Law Gives Two Vehicles for Compensation

There are two laws that allow for the family when victims lose their lives.  The first is the most well known: a wrongful death claim.  This claim allows for compensation for your biggest loss in the case: the loss of love and companionship the family has lost by no longer having the victim in their lives.  There is also compensation available for economic losses as well if the victim was employed and earning a living or contributing to the family either economically or with their time and efforts.  So if your deceased father was supporting you through school or regularly providing you some service that you would now have to pay someone to do, for example, you could be compensated for the cost of his support or work.

The second claim is a survival action.  Too many Maryland wrongful death attorneys do not fight in the weeds on this claim like they should.  A wrongful death claim is for the family’s loss.  A survival action is a claim the deceased has in his own right.  The victim’s estate is entitled to compensation for any medical bills, funeral bills, and pain and suffering the victim endured before death.  Sometimes the pain and suffering is the realization you will die or might be badly hurt.  Too many lawyers think this is not a big deal when it is just a few seconds.  At Miller & Zois, we know otherwise.  A jury once award $6 million because our client’s son said “Oh s—!” before he was instantly killed.

Baltimore Is a Favorable Jurisdiction for Wrongful Death Victims

baltimore favorable jurisdiction

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Baltimore is a very good jurisdiction to bring a wrongful death claim.  Why?  Because juries in Baltimore are the “most fair” to wrongful death victims of any other Baltimore area jurisdictions.  (In the D.C. suburbs, Prince George’s County is the best jurisdiction.)  If the law gives us a window, we push that window open by getting the facts that can get us into a Baltimore City courtroom even when the death occurred somewhere else.  How do we do that?  Researching all the facts of the case to find a legal opening to justify a lawsuit in Baltimore.

Can I Afford Your Services?

There is no one who cannot.  We are contingency fee lawyers.  You pay us nothing and take on no risk unless we get a recovery for you.  There is never a scenario where you incur legal fees or expenses unless you are putting money in your pocket.

Get a Lawyer Who Is Right There With You

If you have a family member that was killed, that you believe was by the negligence of another driver, a doctor or hospital, or by a defective product, you desperately need someone who has the skill and the will to battle for you.  Call us today for a free no obligation consultation with our attorneys by phone at 800-553-8082.


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