Consumer Reports Retracts Article on “Failed” Car Seats

Last week, I wrote about the Consumer Reports article on failed infant car seats. As I wrote the post, my wife was spending a few hundred dollars on new car seats for our 3-month-old twins. Sure enough, Consumer Reports retracted the article this week after receiving data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration who reported the car seats did well at the correct impact speed.

In their tests, Consumer Reports simulated impacts at over 70 miles an hour instead of simulating impacts at 38 miles an hour. I thought it was probably silly to buy new car seats, particularly given the data offered on the side impact risk to infants. But how can you argue against taking the safest course for your kids? You can’t. Now, if you are a lawyer out there considering a class action against Consumer Reports, you have your first client. I’m kidding, that would be a frivolous lawsuit. But do not be surprised to see one.

Speaking of frivolous lawsuits, a personal injury attorney announced in a news conference in California that he was filing a wrongful death case on behalf of the family of a 28-year-old woman who died in a water-drinking contest on a radio show. The attorney said the wrongful death suit would name the radio station as the defendant, presumably for holding the contest. I do not think this is a meritorious case nor do I think it helps the cause of personal injury lawyers and their clients. I will offer more thoughts on this case this weekend.

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