Cross Examining Experts

Paul Luvera writes a blog post about cross-examining experts based on a presentation he heard in New Orleans from a Florida lawyer named Dorothy Clay Sims (now famous from the Casey Anthony trial).cross examining experts

The post is worth reading if you are a personal injury lawyer cross-examining an expert. I also like the whole idea of this post. First, it is a lawyer reporting on what he learned from another lawyer. This is what good lawyers and good professionals do: use ideas and techniques learned from other people.

The other neat thing about this post is that it is Paul Luvera writing the post, sharing perspectives from another lawyer. Luvera has had more than his fair share of million-dollar verdicts. A lot of lawyers with track records that pale compared to Luvera take their ball and go home when it comes to opening their minds to learning from other lawyers (or witnesses, focus groups, juries or anyone else). The whole thing is circular: lawyers that will keep their minds open to learning from other lawyers are far more likely to get successful outcomes for their clients.

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