Heart, Gallbladder, Liver and Spleen Injury Values

Car accidents can cause circulatory system injuries.  My law firm has seen heart attacks, spleen injuries, liver and lung injuries, gallbladder injuries.

Jury Verdict Research provides a study on median compensatory award for circulatory system injuries:

  • Heart attacks: $443,750
  • Gallbladder injuries: 259,117
  • Liver injuries: $221,185
  • Spleen injuries: $40,342
  • Overall: $225,000

Circulatory System Injury Verdicts and Settlements

Below are samples of circulatory system injury cases.

  • 2020, New York: $100,000 Settlement. A minor passenger suffered a lacerated liver and a femur fracture after another vehicle struck his vehicle. His father, on behalf of him, sued the other driver. This case settled for $100,000. Why so low?  Most likely this was the policy limits of the insurance policy.  The lesson is always that you need more uninsured motorist insurance to protect yourself in these situations.
  • 2020, California: $812,000 Settlement. Two men suffered multiple injuries after their vehicle was struck at an intersection they alleged was unsafe. One of the men suffered a spleen laceration, a pelvic fracture, facial fractures, head fractures, and a traumatic brain injury. The other suffered head fractures, facial fractures, hearing loss, vision loss, and a traumatic brain injury. Besides the tortfeasor driver, they sued the City of Oakland for negligently constructing an unsafe intersection. This case settled for $812,000.
  • 2020, California: $1,250,000 Settlement. An 85-year-old woman struck a tree after she lost control of her vehicle. The impact caused her front-seat passenger to suffer a lacerated spleen, neck fractures, rib fractures, back fractures, bilateral pleural effusion, and a bowel herniation. They died two weeks later from their injuries. Their estate sued the woman for negligence and sought wrongful death damages. This case settled for $1,250,000.circulatory system injuries
  • 2019, Texas: $9,108,127 Verdict. A drillship crew member suffered a spleen laceration and multiple head, spine, ribs, and shoulder injuries after an unsecured beam fell and struck him. (A drillship is a merchant vessel used for offshore drilling.)   He sued the drill ship’s owners, alleging that they failed to safely operate and maintain the drillship. He also contended that they failed to follow their own safety rules and regulations. The drill ship’s owners denied liability, contending that the man was contributorily negligent. A jury found that the drill ship’s owners were 75 percent at fault, while they found that the man was 25 percent at fault. They determined that the man’s damages amounted to $9,108,127. His net award was $6,831,095. (I don’t understand from the fact why this was not a workers’ comp claim.)
  • 2019, Arizona: $1,700,000 Settlement. A man suffered a spleen laceration, multiple rib fractures, and a dislocated right thumb after a motorist struck his wheelchair. At the time of the collision, the motorist was acting within the scope of employment with an air-conditioning company. The man alleged that the motorist’s distracted driving and failure to maintain a proper lookout caused the collision. The man also sued the motorist’s employer for failing to train, hire, and supervise its drivers. This case settled for $1,700,000.
  • 2019, California: $905,000 Settlement. A 58-year-old woman’s vehicle was rear-ended by an underinsured driver. The woman alleged that the collision’s impact forced her neck and chest into the steering wheel, causing her to sustain chest, neck, and back pain. About five months later, her cardiologist diagnosed her with an aortic dissection. He opined that the collision caused her dissected aorta because she had no additional risk factors. The woman claimed that she would have to permanently take medications and be monitored for her condition. This case settled for $905,000.
  • 2018, Massachusetts: $5,350,000 Settlement. A 21-year-old roofer suffered an aortic injury, a spinal fracture, and tibia fractures after he fell 40 feet from a mill building. His aortic injury required the insertion of a stent. The man also underwent additional procedures. Despite undergoing treatment, he sustained permanent injuries. The man sued the general contractor for improperly supervising subcontractors and failing to take safety precautions. The general contractor denied liability, arguing that the man’s employer was responsible for his safety. They also contested the man’s injuries extent and nature. This case settled for $5,350,000.
  • 2017, California: $189,446 Verdict. A woman suffered multiple injuries after a transit bus sideswiped her vehicle. Specifically, she suffered a dislodged gallbladder tube drain, a myocardial infarction, and pulmonary distress. She sued the City of San Francisco, alleging that their employer’s negligence caused her injuries. The jury awarded the woman a $189,446 verdict.
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