Legal News/Blogosphere Week in Review

I like to blog on Monday but given my figurative post-Mother’s Day weekend hangover; I reviewed the original stories/opinions of others as opposed to venturing to offer my own:

The Baltimore Sun had an interesting article on allegations of bizarre misconduct by a Nevada judge in a bizarre story with a lot of interesting six degrees of separation subplots.

The Washington Post has a good article on legal outsourcing in India, discussing both the exponential growth and some challenges in training lawyers in India.

The Wall Street Journal has an editorial on tort reform in Mississippi where it attributes EVERY SINGLE GOOD THING that has happened in Mississippi to tort reform. Apparently, tort reform was the magic elixir to all that ails Mississippi. Who knew? If a stranger now helps a child get their cat down from a tree in Mississippi, tort reform is the root cause of the kindness. (Attention authors of Freakonomics: please expose this nonsense immediately.)

Finally, President Bush has nominated Judge Glen E. Conrad to one vacancy on the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Shockingly, Judge Conrad, a U.S. District Court Judge in Virginia, is described as one of the most conservative judges in the country. Apparently, Alan Dershowitz was not available.

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