Dealing with MAIF Adjusters in Car Accident Settlements

As regular readers of this blog are aware, I have been a critic of the MAIF because of the speed with which it reviews cases, the offers it makes which almost invariably cause reasonable car accident lawyers to file suit because the client’s best interests demand a lawsuit and because it invariably makes its lawyers (and our lawyers) jump through discovery hoop after discovery hoop in large cases before offering its policy limits on the eve of trial when the policy limits should have offered from jump street.  In 2015, MAIF changed their trade name to “Maryland Auto Insurance.”  But they are still the same company with the same problem.

rearendIn this Baltimore Business Journal article, MAIF’s executive director since 2004, M. Kent Crabbe, talks about some challenges MAIF faces as an “insurance company” operating under a somewhat unique and complex regulatory scheme, including why it may be more difficult for MAIF to recruit and retain quality people. I put “insurance company” in quotes not derisively (well, kind of) but because technically under the Maryland Insurance Code, MAIF is not an insurance company.  Really, I think the bigger problem at MAIF is not the people but its rigid approach to handling claims.  They should give their adjusters more authority to pay the right value on the claims.

But rigid comes with the territory. Remember, MAIF operates as an independent agency of the state.  So is government in every way that matters.   The purpose of MAIF is to be the “insurer of last resort.”  MAIF is required to only accept applications from Maryland residents who were either refused coverage by at least two private insurers or who have had their insurance policy canceled. So we are dealing with the worst drivers with the vast majority driving around with $30,000 per person insurance coverage limits.  It is a template for disaster and our car accident attorneys have seen this meal regularly served.  We have had death cases where all the insurance available was MAIF’s lousy $30,000.

I spoke today to one of the more competent MAIF adjusters who told me that the bar is being raised at MAIF regarding responding in a professional and timely way to personal injury claims. I’ll save my “picking the bar off the floor” joke (well, I guess I didn’t save it) and hope that there are actual changes in store at Maryland Auto Insurance.  I realize that government agencies will always struggle to keep up with for-profit businesses in terms of their business acumen,  but I have seen many other Maryland state agencies – including MVA in recent years, believe it or not – that seem to be run more efficiently.

Tell Us About Your MAIF Experience

I have updated this post in 2015 If you have had specific dealings — good or bad — with a MAIF adjuster, tell us about it.  This is a list of some MAIF adjusters

Kristen Carter | Soledad Lejarraga | Phyllis Washington-Hill | Debbie Cash | Melisssa Nolan | Kim Whitten | Adrianna Winchester | Ivory Buck | Kris Smith | Roberta Gioffre | Cathy Simpson | Rose Moreland | Pam Fick | Joanna O’Hara | Elizabeth Foster | Cheryl Kehoe | Jill Green | Ives Martinez | Kimberly Forehand | Sally Wallace | Yolande Sarchet | Kathleen Buckley | John Fampos | Mark Banzhof | Kelly Dallas | Joy Wagner | Mike Miller | Jake Reilowsky | Nancy Hiner | Robin Smith | Vicki Whorton | Odessa Adams | Mike Zopto | Robert Dorman | Charma Rhoden | Harvey Sindler | Norma Carter | James Messana | Joyce Crook | Teresa Hoskins | Gordon White | Terry Engen |Quianna Smallwood | Michelle Hasselberger | Joan Tiszl  | Lori Carroll | Martha Scott | Deborah Windsor | Earle Jackson | Margret Zbignewich | Melissa Thompson | Terri Coleman | Larry Tillman | Sally Wallas | Germaine Volton | Kevin Johnson | Darlene Arrington | John Tsampos | Daniel O’Neil | Renee Funk | Amy Danahy | Mike Zotto | Barbara Norris | Deana Wright | Tracy Long | Marlene Stutzman | Joan Hamilton | Judy Wisniewsai | Alexis Pardue | Cari Frazier | Janet Cook | Benisha Floyd | Debbie Dresser | Vanessa Bowen | Wanda Wise | Cawana Cornelius | Jeff Miller | Dorris Loughi | Diane Lewis | Chris Smith | Jenith Dekle | Feyella Perry | Jimmy Yuenger | Andree Larkin | Gina Roberts | Crystal Montaque | Berry Williams | Judy Pikerton | Wanda Brown | Paul Nezzio | Carlos Salazar | Christopher Ward | Barbara Adams | Eddie Green | Davina Johnson | Tirra Pack | Eureka Yorkman | Kathie Herwick | Michelle Smith | Tameka Hessler | Paul Nezzio | Michelle Hall | Sean Casey | Odaris Adams | Amy Hollis | Tameake Fleming | MAndy Sortino | Mary McFadden | Sherry Long | Tom Osbourne | Kathleen Bove | Francine Gaines | Shelia Smith | Jason Hash | Robert Tankin | Kelly Leipchack | Monique Abney | Carole Walker | Brandon Palm | Sherrree Wallace | Donna Sullivan | Cheryl Williams | Penny Yoder

Tell us about your experience!

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