Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Fraud

The Washington Post reports that a Maryland personal injury attorney pleaded guilty yesterday to insurance fraud. The lawyer worked with a chiropractor to submit false car insurance claims. Not content to cheat just for his clients, he brought his own bike accident claim and got an $11,000 settlement from an insurance guilty fraud

Wild story. It is very easy to get up on a soapbox and condemn, but it is too easy of a target. It is like writing a rant that Charlie Sheen is crazy. Everyone gets it.

This lawyer has “admitted full responsibility”, according to his lawyer. This is good. But, respectfully, criminal lawyers always talk too much. “[He] is devastated by his terrible judgment,” the lawyer added.

Bad judgment? I used bad judgment last night after I put my kids to bed when I took my uncontrollable dog out without a leash. Stealing is not bad judgment. It is stealing. Can you repent? Absolutely. But it is not a question of judgment.

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