New Maryland Rule

Technology is slowly eroding our privacy. Personally, and I’m in the minority, I’m think it is a fair trade-off. I’m okay if Apple and Google know where I am every second of the day. I’m not doing anything all that interesting.appellate court privacy

But most people are increasing worried about technology and Big Brother. The Maryland Court of Appeals is trying to stem that time. Effective, next month, a new rule will go into effect that instructs attorneys and others who file documents with a court to keep unnecessary personal information out of the court records when possible.

While I’m not a big privacy guy, I think appellate opinions (and blogs) should leave out the names of parties to a lawsuit. I don’t use names because I don’t want someone Googling their dead father and find my blog discussing impersonal details about their death and how they lost their case trying to seek justice for his death.

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