Nice Email to Us of the Week

I’ll admit to being a sucker for kind words:nice email

I am in CA and I wanted to thank you for your site. I am an innocent victim up against a very ruthless old attorney who has already forced me to bankruptcy and is trying to take my home for his retirement. He is partnered with an incredibly dishonest client and overwhelmed my attorney for 5 years with process, motions, etc… I am now pro se and working diligently to keep up with him, and your site gave me some great ideas. I applaud you for putting your work on your site, and I sure wish you guys were in California. I am impressed with the quality and ideals which your firm obviously believes in. I wish I could have been your client.

I often hear from lawyers who I consider experienced who tell me they repeatedly use our website as a tool in their law practices. Some insurance companies have even given us naming rights, calling certain motions “Miller & Zois” motions because they are widely taken from our site and filed in other cases.

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