Selective Insurance In-Person Settlement Negotiations

An adjuster with Selective Insurance called this week to ask to meet at my office to discuss the settlement of a personal injury car accident case. She said that Selective is looking to meet with counsel as much as possible to discuss these claims.

Selective is a regionally based insurance company that does business in 22 states and is around 46th in market share in Maryland. I’m surprised they would want to dedicate the resources to a face-to-face meeting, but I appreciate the sentiment. I mean, they will probably offer half of what the case is worth, but I bet they are a lot nicer about it in person.selective insurance settlement negotiations

State Farm used to invite us to its yearly Settlement Day where we would traipse down to their offices in Owings Mills for some food and drink for the same awful offers they would have given me on the phone. For reasons that escape me not in the slightest , they have stopped inviting me. Actually, I don’t think they do it anymore, but I prefer the more conspiratorial version.

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