Technology in the Courtroom

The Baltimore Sun ran a story today about Baltimore County, Maryland prosecutor James Gentry was preparing to try an awful murder case of a nine-year-old girl in 1998. If you are a prosecutor, this is one you need to win. Looking for an extra edge, he turned to his sister who worked for a company that made PowerPoint presentations to private companies, a novel innovation in 1998 for anyone much less a lawyer.

Gentry’s used this innovative technology in his closing argument in the infamous 1998 murder trial in Baltimore County of Rita Fisher. His success launched his interest in using technology for courtroom presentations. After years of traveling across the country to teach other lawyers how to use the technology, Gentry has joined the highly respected medical malpractice law firm in Baltimore of Salsbury Clements Bekman Marder & Adkins to assist their lawyers in creating computerized presentations to assist jurors in understanding the complexities that often come with sophisticated medical malpractice cases.

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