Top 10 Maryland Personal Injury Opinions of 2011

This is a time of year for top 10 lists. So I have put together a list of the top 10 opinions of interest to personal injury lawyer from the Maryland Court of Appeals and the Maryland Court of Special Appeals and from the federal bench:

  • Poole v. Coakley Williams Construction: the court softens its position on snow and ice slip and injury opinions
  • Jackson v. Dackman Company: court strikes 1994 Reduction of Lead Paint in Housing Act provisions that limit recoveries to children who suffer brain damage from lead paint
  • Wantz v. Afzal: court reverses trial court’s ruling to strike all three of plaintiffs’ experts in a medical malpractice case in Frederick County
  • Griffin v. State: not a personal injury case but the court tackles – not for the last time – social media evidence at trial which will be a battlefield in personal injury cases
  • Multi v. University of Maryland Medical Systems: dealing with the Serbian Bog of use plaintiff in a medical malpractice case in Baltimore City
  • Robertson v. Luliano: removal before service in a medical malpractice case in Baltimore City
  • Willever v. United States: Judge Roger W. Titus rules that Maryland health claims arbitration rules do not apply in Maryland medical malpractice cases in federal court
  • Consolidated Waste v. Standard Equipment: a small, tiny step in the journey toward dram shop liability
  • Fletcher v. Pizza Hut: 4th Circuit draws the line on superseding causes in a car accident case
  • Janay v. Wilkowsky: Maryland high court reverses Court of Special Appeals in finding flawed jury instruction should give lead paint plaintiff a new trial.

If you think I have left out some important opinions, let me know.

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