Truck Accident Verdict Statistics

I provide data from Jury Verdict Research frequently on this blog because I think it is helpful for personal injury lawyers to see the national prevalence of specific classes of cases. Below is a list of recovery percentages in truck accident cases that go to trial:

Broadside Collisions 61%
Head-On Collisions $71%
Intersection Collisions 58%
Multiple Vehicle Collisions 73%
No Contact Accidents 52%
Truck, Overall 60%

Jury Verdict Research also offers statistics on the median compensatory awards for a few different categories of truck accidents:

Head-On Collisions $532,034
Intersection Collisions $85,000
Truck Accidents Overall $90,000

I suspect that most truck crash attorneys would agree that both the likelihood of recovery and the amount of recovery is higher in Maryland, but I have seen no state-specific data on truck accident cases. If anyone knows of any data in Maryland or in any other state, please let me know.

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