Wyeth v. Levine – August

The Wall Street Journal has a good article online about the preemption battle that is being waged the FDA’s bureaucrats in the courts and in Congress.

The last line of the article says that “Some drug companies are telling plaintiffs’ lawyers that if they settle their cases now, they won’t pay as much to the plaintiffs as they would have six months ago, before the Supreme Court announced that it would hear the Wyeth case. A lawyer negotiating a settlement with one drug maker said company executives told him it wants the ‘Wyeth discount.'”

I don’t think many cases will settle for a “Wyeth discount” because both sides seem to think they will win. I cannot imagine how the court could find that there is a conflict between state and federal law in drug cases because I think federal labeling requirements create a floor for state tort claims, not a ceiling.

Wyeth cannot hide behind the FDA in a warnings claim because it can give any warning that it likes. But then again, I predicted we would win Riegel v. Medtronic and we suffered an 8-1 drubbing at the hands of the Supreme Court. So I’m probably the wrong person to turn to with predictions.

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