Dean Closius Resignation: Miller & Zois Will Donate $10,000 If Closius Returns

I was surprised at the media response to the University of Baltimore School of Law Dean Phillip J. Closius’ resignation/firing last week. The story was on the front page of the Baltimore Sun on Saturday. My blog post on this on Friday received a tremendous amount of traffic.dean closius resignation

I really believe that Dean Closius and University of Baltimore School President Robert L. Bogomolny ought to sit down – with a mediator – and try to resolve their differences. Obviously, there was tension between these two men that ran deep. But they both want what’s best for the law school. They just need to get on the same page.

If Dean Closius returns as Dean to the University of Baltimore Law School, Miller & Zois will donate $10,000 to the school. I’m hoping other Closius supporters make a similar pledge.

One important point here. Since Dean Closius arrived at UB in 2007, I have met him zero times. My fault, not his. I’ve got three kids: I’m teaching my classes and getting out of there pretty quickly. I’m not in the tank for Dean Closius personally. I’m just in the tank for the objective: quantifiable improvements we have seen at this law school over the last four years.

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