UB Dean Closius Resigned? Seriously?

The Maryland Daily Record reports that Dean Philip J. Closius has resigned as the University of Baltimore School of Law Dean, citing differences with University President Robert L. Bogomolny over the amount of law school revenue the university keeps.university of baltimore law dean resignation

Dean Closius came here with a reputation as a guy who was not particularly, how should I say, politically delicate. I think he left on bad terms with the University of Toledo College of Law after doing a great job moving that school up in the food chain. But am I shocked that he resigned and that President Bogomolny asked for Closius’ resignation? Yes.

I don’t follow the UB law gossip much. I had no idea that there was some battle over whether Steve Snyder would have the law school named after him. Is there a legal drama in Baltimore that does not involve Steve Snyder?

The Daily Record says Closius will take one year of administrative leave before returning to the UB law school as a full-time faculty member. I can’t imagine that it will come to pass.

I’ve been on the faculty at UB for 13 years. We have had more false starts at that school. “Here were go, we are rising up!” only to fall back to exactly where we were. Under Dean Closius, we really started making real, substantive, measurable progress.

Can we still build on that? I have no idea. Should President Bogomolny have asked for his resignation? I don’t know that either. Who knows what really happened outside of those two guys?

But here is what I know. UB was rolling. We need to get a great dean in here quick to build off Dean Closius.

You can find the Maryland Daily Record article here.

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