Truck Accident Settlements and Verdicts

A recent Jury Verdict Research study revealed some interesting settlement and verdict data regarding truck accident cases. The most frequently cited injury in truck accident cases, which is probably true for auto accident cases, is the back strain. Back strains, according to the study, drew a median verdict of $15,000.00.

Brain injury cases, which accounted for only six percent of truck accident verdicts, had a median verdict of $1.3 million. Knee injuries accounted for four percent of the cases and had a median verdict of approximately $85,000.00.

The study also broke the verdict down into the truck accident collision which occurred and the median verdicts by type. The head-on collision had the highest median verdict of $275,000 and the “backing” collision (where a truck backs up into another vehicle) had the lowest of $33,000. The overall verdicts studied had a median verdict of $100,000.

It is hard to get a handle on just what these numbers mean to a truck accident lawyer. I view them as part of a larger framework that I used to evaluate what a particular truck accident case is worth and where it falls in the general scheme of truck accident litigation. For more information on Maryland’s wrongful death auto and truck accident data, click here. For more general truck accident settlement and verdict data and other information helpful in valuing truck accident cases, click here, here and here.

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